Environmental Protection

Industry and sustainability in harmony

Environmental protection and sustainability are permanently established principles at the GENDORF Chemical Park that are implemented by all site companies. In these, the companies at the chemical park commit themselves to continuously improving the safety of people and the environment. A special role is assigned to clean air, water protection, and waste avoidance at the GENDORF Chemical Park. We also set the objective to continuously work on increasing the energy efficiency of the plants and to produce with fewer resources.

The GENDORF Chemical Park has called the region home for many decades and we therefore have a particularly high sense of responsibility to preserve the diverse natural surroundings. Our membership in the Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavaria's Environmental Pact) is tribute to this. Based on the pact, all companies at the chemical park have voluntarily decided to be certified in accordance with the EC Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Our commitment is also reflected in figures: From 2004 to 2014, our environmental investments have added up to more than EUR 80 million.