Conduct during Siren Alarm

The right conduct during a siren alarm

In extremely rare occasions, an emergency incident that affects the neighborhood may occur during the operation of the GENDORF Chemical Park. It is nevertheless important to be aware of the most important rules of conduct for this highly unlikely event.

If an actual event with external impact on our neighbors occurs, we will immediately inform you via our website, the local media, and our public hotline at +49 8679-7-6111.

In addition, the public authorities alert the neighborhood with general siren alarms if required.


Listen to the siren signal


"Imminent danger; turn on the radio and listen for public announcement."


"All clear – the danger has passed."


Switch on the radio and listen for public announcements
Messages regarding an incident, instructions and all-clear signals are announced by the following radio stations:

  • Radio Inn-Salzach (92.3 MHz: AÖ resp. 93.1 MHz: Burgkirchen)
  • Bayernwelle Südost (101.5 MHz) with regional police messages
  • Bayern 1 (93.7 MHz)
  • Bayern 3 (98.5 MHz)
  • Antenne Bayern (107.7 MHz)

The police and fire department will also guide you with the required instructions in public announcements.


General conduct
Conduct outdoors: go to an enclosed building, bring children and passers-by into the house, help others.

Conduct indoors: close doors and windows and switch off the ventilation system. Whenever possible find interior rooms in upper floors, prepare wet towels for placing them over mouth and nose, do not create sparks (e.g. by flipping the light switch) and do not ignite open flames.


General instructions

  • Do not use motor vehicles (find a building)
  • Do not block telephone lines (only call police and fire department in an emergency)
  • Immediately call your family doctor or the emergency medical service you are experiencing medical difficulties
  • Follow the instructions of the first emergency response staff